Work with me • I miei servizi

The first degrowth consultancy in Italy.

I value transparency, efficiency, details and holistic approach.

Let’s have fun and be green!



Some of the clients I have worked with since 2011… 




INDIVIDUALS by Carlo Galli has been my first customer/friend. It is the only Bikini and UnderWear collection that is literally and wholly  Made in Italy. Pieces of up-cycled high-end textiles handcut at the Designer Studio in Milan and put together by two experienced tailors based in Varese. Besides the environmentally friendly local production, the unstoppable creativity and the unique taste for fabrics and colors make of INDIVIDUALS a notable ethical fashion brand.

What I did: webdesign and webmaster, business development, marketing & communication, sales agent for foreigner countries.




LEPSIS by Mansour Ourasanah is a prototype of sustainable design tackling the problem of ensuring food security in a world of growing population. Partly substituting the actual meat production with households grasshoppers breeding mean no land use, no CO2 emissions and cheap and good proteins always available in the kitchen. Among other benefits for LEPSIS users, there would be the joy of growing their own food and enriching their own food culture and emotional experience. For this project, Mansour was awarded with Vilcek Award for Creative Promise, a $35,000 annual prize given to foreign-born designers who have made outstanding contributions to the society in the United States and demonstrated early achievement in their field.

What I did: as a volunteer for the INDEX Design to Improve Life international awards, I carried out preliminary market research for the product focusing on Western countries (especially Europe) and drafted the first business plan. The aim of the research was to attract investors. You can download a copy of the 1 page business plan proposal here.



Barilla CFN (Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition) is lead by the Barilla Foundation for research and communication on global issues such as food waste, sustainable consumption of food, meat-less diets, etc.

What I did: research consultant about economic degrowth, food security, sustainable agriculture, food waste. Leading interviews with international personalities, e.g. Vandana Shiva, Amartya Sen.

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