About • Chi è Green Addict

Welcome to Green Addict, my lifelog about sustainability!

I share my personal tips for green-oriented city dwellers. How to be sustainable and have fun, do shopping and be conscious, eat tasty and minimize impact… Let’s choose to do things differently. Better for us, our friends and the planet!

Based in Europe.


 Artwork by @lovegreenhunter. Thank you!

What is a sustainable talent?

For some people green living sounds like harsh, not funny and privative. This is a meagre perspective and definitely doesn’t match mine.

Green Addict’s unique perspective on sustainability blends together everyday life with elegance and style, with a pinch of true excitment for innovation and not-conventional thinking.

Sustainable talents are people, ideas and sturt-ups that want to do better for the world, especially for young people like me who like to have fun and be conscious without compromising quality and fanciness.

What is your vision of the world you want to live in?

I want to talk about vision and encourage all of us to do that.

I think that we are all born with a sense of what the world should be like and what we deeply want the world to be like.

Another thing I’ve discovered is that once I’m clear and have worked on a vision, it becomes more and more real to me. I can literally see it. I’ve been working on this vision of a sustainable world for a long time. I can literally see it in Technicolor, in some detail, and it gets better and better the more I learn, the more I ask other people.

It lives in me, a sustainable world that isn’t a sacrifice or a bunch of difficult regulations, a sustainable world that I would love to live in.

by Donella Meadows, Envisioning a Sustainable World, 1991

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