Armonia at Castello Belgiogioso, a slow fair to take care of your health, spirit and inner beauty

Holidays! While the majority of us Italians are spending the first long weekend of summer at the seaside, I decided to go relaxing at the Armonia Festival hosted by the beautiful Castle of Belgioioso, not so far from Milan.

There I lost myself into the harmonious vibe coming from all over the places, dancers, musicians, qi-gong, masseurs, and…



A mind-blowing approach to healthy and natural sleeping… Check out Pedano, true excellence for your back, body and rest.










Walter and his didgeridoo, music for the soul from the traditions of Australia.



My eco-friendly outfit today is made of second hand clothing, social impact necklace Bead for Life (which I told you about a few days ago here), handmade hay wallet – a souvenir from my spiritual trip to Thailand and my fave healthiest shoes ever Vivobarefoot.

Until next time,

Take care 🙂



Visiting 8 House Copenhagen, a unique treasure of social and eco architecture

Last weekend I got the chance to visit 8-tallet (The 8 House) from Bjarke Architechture. I spotted the project online a long time ago and I’ve always been fascinated by exploring the place on my own two feet. Thanks to my Green Girls friends I was able to enjoy a delightful afternoon tea from the inside of one of the houses… great view and coziness!

8 house copenhagen

green building copenhagen

green addict sfl

green building denmark

green bloggers


eco building

bike parking

lavanda lavander


The eight house



See you on the next Green Girls on Tour randezvous!

Credits for pics: Green Addict. Please email me if you wish to have high res.

Green city no cars

How many times you – stuck in the traffic jam – have dreamt about giving up the car and slowly walking through a wood, possibly alone… Now the dream is going to get real thanks to English non-profit organization Giveacar teamed up with Trees for Cities! “An average car will pay for around 13 saplings – about the right amount needed to offset a year’s worth of carbon.” – says The Green Thing Blog.

Quante volte imbottigliato nel traffico hai desiderato buttare via la macchina e ritrovarti d’improvviso in un bosco a passeggiare da solo, in pace… Il sogno sta per diventare realtà, grazie alla sinergia tra due organizzazioni no-profit inglesi: Giveacar e  Trees for Cities! “La valutazione di un’auto usata da rottamare è di circa 13 giovani alberelli, che corrispondono esattamente alla quantità di verde necessaria per compensare un anno di emissioni di CO2″ – come spiega The Green Thing Blog.

•  Do you like this UK initiative? •

[Scrap Car Plant Tree]

My WWOOFing diaries • Cosa vuol dire fare Woofing


As Green Addicted living all year in the city, I decided to really go green this summer and trying my first WWOOFing experience.

WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms (or World-Wide Opportunities On Farming)- basically it is a program working on exchange basis: you give your workforce and receive back room and board.

I received back way more than this.

I was welcomed in a friendly family-like environment, feeling to have a useful role in the community of Guéveneaux. Kate greeted me with a smile as I arrived at Redon station, than she explained to me how they decided to change their diet towards eating only local products, coming from their own garden or from France, areas next to Britain are preferred. As part of keeping the relation with the environment local, they decided to use ecosan (ecological sanitation) instead of common water toilets, so that precious waste will turn in compost.

[Watch the video interview]

Poichè sono una Green Addicted ma vivo tutto l’anno in città, ho deciso quest’anno di fare una vacanza ultraverde lanciandomi nella mia prima esperienza di woofing!

Se ancora non sapete cos’è ora ve lo spiego: la sigla WOOFing sta per Willing Workers On Organic Farms (lavoratori volontari in fattorie biologiche) o anche World-Wide Opportunities On Farming (opportunità di vita da fattoria in tutto il mondo). Per un certo periodo di tempo, si decide di dedicare volontariamente alcune ore della propria giornata ai lavori di fattoria e si riceve in cambio vitto e alloggio.

Ma non solo. Io ho ricevuto in cambio molto più di questo.

Sono stata accolta da un ambiente molto aperto e familiare, che mi ha fatto sentire subito a mio agio nella piccola comunità di Guéveneaux. Mi ricordo ancora quando Kate mi ha accolto con un grande sorriso appena arrivata alla stazione di Redon: mi sono sentita a casa. Durante il tempo che abbiamo trascorso insieme mi ha raccontato diverse cose, come la decisione di voler seguire una dieta ecologica strettamente locale o la scelta di utilizzare il wc secco invece di quello ad acqua. Trovate tutto nella sua videointervista, buona visione!