What do they do at the Green Office?

How to describe a student-driven university department that is responsible for managing Maastricht University’s sustainability portfolio in not more than 20 words? Thank you Lukas.

Founded a couple of years ago, the Green Office has been awarded several times for the quality of its operations and commitment to the sustainability cause- Among the projects: green electricity, pc power management, the sustainable vending machine, Green Office academy and more.

[The Green Office]

Alexander wants to be more professional than planting trees

Thanks to Alexander Shehata

DID YOU KNOW… ? On average a UK citizen is responsible for 15 tons of CO2 emissions a year, a US citizen for 28tons. PC Power Management would save 80tons.
Read my post on a playful tool to know more about our emissions.

LO SAPEVATE CHE…? In media un cittadino inglese è responsabile di 15 tonnellate di emissioni di CO2 all’anno, un cittadino americano di 28 tonnellate. Il programma di PC Power Management potrebbe salvarne 80 tonnellate.
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