Fruits & Veggies tracker – post your organic eating #foodporn

How often are images of fresh veggies and healthy food published online, compared to junk food alluring pics? Let’s revert the trend! Eat organic F&V, take a nice shot and show the world!
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The smart communication initiative created by Bolthouse Farms will be showcased next month at the Partnership for a Healthier America’s summit, with keynote speaker Michelle Obama.

Oikos Swap Style, the sustainable fashion event

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I’m a swap market fan and here is why:

– You can find crazy things for free that seem to be made only for you (like the Italy T-shirt I’m wearing in the picture)

– You get to try different style of clothes you would have never bought otherwise

– You live the thrill of the treasure hunting… and it’s a lot of fun!

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As part of my volunteering activities at oikos Copenhagen*, together with the EventLab team, I organized an event to raise awareness about sustainable fashion consumption. As our guest speakers, we had the pleasure to host Sarah Netter, CBS researcher at Minstra Future of Fashion, and Johanna Topoocoo, project manager at Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI). Following the learning through experience format, part of the event was a real swap market, where people could trade used clothes and accessories in good conditions for free.

My friend Julie Sunflower joined the event and she realized this footage for her videoblog. She got very nice stuff from the swap… I just realized I was too busy with my PR activities :D! Follow Julie on Instagram!

Thank you for sharing!

Stills from the video

greenadict green-addict byttermarkd swap-market-cph

oikos is a non-profit student organization, which brings together university students living in Copenhagen interested in environmental, social and financial sustainability and responsible business.  Their main tool for increasing awareness about sustainability issues
is organizing and hosting events.

Why giving up with sugar in your diet?

I’ve heard people saying “sugar is a poison for the body” and this kind of stuff, but as I don’t really suffer from diabetes (yet!), why should I bother in giving up with sugar?

3 reasons for doing it

1. Watch this brief docufilm published today on The Guardian about sugar crops in Cambodia supplying 90% of European market.

2. As the last book from the from the American author Moss explains, Salt Sugar and Fat are dangerous for our healt, especially when mixed together in processed food.


3. Sugar is addictive, like the more you have the more you want of it. Sugar is also the main responsible of those annoying ‘holes’ you feel in your stomach when you are starving. The expectation should be no sugar no starving any more.



My small change

Avoiding completely sugar is not easy, as drinking bitter coffee and herbal tea won’t save us. Sugar is already added to most of the beverages we like to enjoy, especially in the summertime – juices, fizzing drinks, lemonades, milkshakes, etc – and both in sweet and salted baked products we buy.So my suggestion would be




To have an overview of the different existing types of sugar read here.

To have an overview of the alternatives, just look around you and dare experiment in your kitchen!



“The cost of storing all that over-consumption had grown so large that the mini-storage industry had grown larger than the entire movie industry! And these weren’t the things we needed, either… they were the things we really didn’t need… otherwise, why would they be in storage?”

Quoting the-luxury-of-small  by ~Steve Mouzon, professor and journalist based in Miami