My best wishes for a truly Happy New Year!


Sustainable fashion is all about your mood

Wearing my aunt’s blouse handmade by my granny.




Cool beer at the beach

I am in love with summer sunsets at the beach…  Especially with a cool beer on the side. Save energy and enjoy the natural cooler. Awesome results!

Apparently, what I tried out with my gluten-free beer, became soon a fashion at the beach!


PS: have you noticed the unique design of the jacket I’m wearing in the picture above? It’s one of my favorite, from the Italian eco-fashion designer Ecologina.


PPSS: the natural cooler works better and faster if you use it with organic juices/beers/drinks instead of sugar-artificial flavors packed Bacardi 🙂


Hugging trees

How peaceful and relaxing it is hugging trees! Go out today and try to do it – the biggest the better! Hold it tight!