Change up Scelgo io

This Friday I couldn’t suggest anything than these three blogs – for Italian speakers only, sorry.

They are hosted by three “green bloggers” from Milan area – Marta Albè, Arianna Bosio and Giusy D’Addio. We were invited by Marinella Scarico to join the conversation at Change Up bloggers barcamp tomorrow on Sat 20th. Change Up is a new network working to raise awareness about sustainable and healthy living, particularly focusing on women and mother needs. All of you interested in, please feel free to join at Palazzo Liberty, Milan – till Oct 22nd – and on Twitter #scelgoio2012.

Have a good day!

Change Up – Scelgo io


Hot water and…

It’s been a long day, wanna wash it all out! • Che lunga giornata! Solo una gran voglia di doccia ultra-relax…. • 有機のシャワーシャンポー、全てエコでイタリアで作られたそうです。シャワー、どうぞうごゆっくり浴びて下さい。

[Biofficina Toscana • Lucca • Italy]