Rubycup, the only sustainable menstrual cup with built in social project

Dear girls, how do you manage our monthly ‘blessing’ in the most sustainable way?

First I started preferring organic cotton pads eto the regular ones. However even if the kind of material used is more sustainable itself, still the volume of use-and-throw-out garbage isn’t decreasing. Not to mention every time you have to buy new ones and spend money on it.

My small change

I decided to switch to menstrual cup instead, that in Scandinavia and UK is quite popular among young women. But there are so many on the market and apparently they are all the same. Which one should I choose then?

menstrual cup copenhagen

Listening to the little geek in me , I had a look at technical specifications and had no doubts about it: I bought Rubycup! Made with 100% top Medical Grade Silicone, it’s the only one with a ‘built-in’ social project. I bought mine at EcoEgo or you can shop it online.

The non-profit project aims to help poor women in developing countries with no access to clean pads and insufficient hygienic conditions. They are forced to humiliate themselves once a month using cow dung, dirty rugs, ash and all sorts of non-hygienic and health endangering trash materials.

Toast to Rubycup!


PS: I’ve just donated to The 12th Right Indiegogo campaign to support health and dignity  of thousands of women employed in dismeal fashoin factories in Bangladesh. See the story here.

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