Ecological Economics course in Oxford


The Ecological Economics course I’ve attended in Oxford (17 – 21 December 2012) finally is over and this is how I feel roughly speaking:

  • cheated
  • frustrated
  • robbed
  • never enjoyed it

If you are thinking of applying to the next edition of the course – maybe you found this post because you wanted to investigate a little further on the winter / summer school held in Oxford by Dr. Stanislav Shmelev – I would highly recommend not to waste your time and your money on it.

After one entire full time week passed stretching time between tea-breaks and lunch-breaks, listening to hot air superficial and too general lecture-like discourses, neither relevant content was taught to me, nor practical ecological economics tools, nor even applied case studies.

Besides, please keep in mind Dr. Stanislav Shmelev is not a “professor” (in the British meaning of the term), his course is not endorsed by the University of Oxford, Environment Europe is defined as “a sustainability think-tank based in Oxford, UK” yet there there have been no achievements so far.  Finally in my opinion it is such a shame the course is suggested on the International Ecological Economics website among the “education opportunities”: education?? This makes me also think ISEE might not be a qualified international association as it claimed.

If you have attended a similar course, or if you want more info about my experience, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below. Thanks!

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